Halong Bay, an area covered by green of the trees and the sea water, blue of the sky all year round, has been the peaceful home of fisherman since hundreds of years ago. This bay is also known as a great place for relaxing with fresh air, wonderful natural landscape.   Halong bay is submerged karst terrain with many exciting caves such as Sung Sot cave, Heaven cave, Drum cave, Fairy Lake Cave,…Tourists are often taken to visit these caves to contemplate stalactites and stalagmites in particularly special shapes. But few people know that those caves are ideal places for you and your family, friends to organize a warm parties, celebrate birthday or other special events. Recently, V’Spirit Cruises held great caves buffet dinner on requests of our customers. It is possible to set up a dinner either in Fairy Lake cave or in Drum cave the appropriate with larger groups. In order to set up a perfect cave dinner, V’Spirit team must go to the cave very early to set up tables, chairs and décor meticulously to create the most impressive party which is ready to serve our customers on time. Vases, candles and ornaments are selected, prepared and decorate exquisitely. Buffet dinner in caves was prepared thoughtful by professional chefs of V’Spirit Classic Cruises. Attractive and mouthwatering dishes are decorated with beautiful natural details like a bird from kohlrabi, a butterfly from watermelon skin, etc. Many dishes were cooked right in caves like the grilled squid, BBQ,… in order to retain heat and full flavor.   We also set up a bar with variety alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages in caves. It means that you can enjoy your favorite drinks while having dinner. Our staff always serves you carefully to ensure you get the most impressive experiences. Special parties will bring to you, your family and friends a chance to warm your relationship and talk together in an intimate and private space. It’s absolutely one of the highlights of your journey in Halong Bay.

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