It’s “that time” of the year again. December has arrived and we are getting closer and closer to 2016 more than ever. Have you had a plan for this special occasion yet? Maybe, have a good rest after a long year full of events and spend this magical moment with family and friends. Obviously, this would be a popular choice and it has become a traditional for as long as we know it. But why not shake thing up a little bit: a New Year away from home. Traveling is an excitement to all no matter when it takes place. But traveling during special occasion such as: Christmas, New Year, Chinese New Year… will bring this experience to a whole new level. In Asia, particular in Vietnam, Christmas and New Year aren’t celebrated as in Western country due to the large influence of Buddhism and Lunar calendar. But it doesn’t mean that we don’t celebrate at all. The street is still well decorated, especially the stores, the shopping centers will be dazzled with ornaments and light. The roads will be busy with couples and families going up and down in every directions. The closer the place to the city center the more festive it is. And when the clock chimes 12 times, the firework is released and we watch and hope for a new year full of wonder. But with this hustle and bustle atmosphere, for a foreigner traveler, you may feel a little bit “lack of closure” and a part of you misses the warm and cozy dinner of New Year Eve. And the answer for this is a cruise in Halong Bay. “She’s making no sense!”, you might ask yourself right now. Why would you want to celebrate New Year in a middle of the ocean during winter? The reason I would like to present to you is: Special Gala Dinner. Does this wake your interest yet? Yes? A little? Then why don’t we take a trip down the memory lane to visit: V’Spirit New Year Gala Dinner 2014. Last year, the dinner was hold at the white sandy beach of Soi Sim Island. In order to set up a perfect beach dinner, V’Spirit team must go to the beach very early to set up tables, chairs and décor meticulously to create the most impressive party which is ready to serve our customers on time. Vases, candles and ornaments are selected, prepared and decorate exquisitely.                         Buffet dinner on the beach was prepared thoughtful by professional chefs of V’Spirit Classic Cruises. Attractive and mouthwatering dishes are decorated with beautiful natural details like a bird from kohlrabi, a butterfly from watermelon skin, etc. Many dishes were cooked right at the beach like the grilled squid, BBQ,… in order to retain heat and full flavor. We also set up a bar with variety alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages at the beach. It means that you can enjoy your favorite drinks while having dinner. Our staff always serves you carefully to ensure you get the most impressive experiences. And what better way to enjoy your meal while watching performances of Vietnamese traditional music and dances. After a belly-full meal, our guests can burn down some of that energy by participating in the gameshow or bringing the move to the dance floor. When the clock ticked nearer to number 12, we warmed up the spirit and found the luckiest guest of the night by a little game of lucky draw. Then we move on the moment everyone had been waiting for. It’s countdown time. We welcomed 2015 among the close embrace of friends and family. This year, V’Spirit Cruises plans to bring the “romantic” into 2015 Gala Dinner. Our destination is Drum Cave which is one of the very few large and accessible caves of Halong Bay.

V’SPIRIT CRUISES 2015 NEW YEAR GALA DINNER: The Space of Vietnamese Culture

  • December 31, 2015
  • Time: 19:30 – 24:00
  • Location: Drum Cave
  • Costume: Semi- Formal
19:30      Welcome to Drum Cave 19:45       Opening New Year Eve Gala Dinner. Program Introduction. 20:00      Time for Special BBQ Buffet Dinner. 21:15        Art performances: Vietnamese traditional music and dances. 22:30       Games. 22:45       Time to dance 23:30       Lucky draw 23:55       Count down to the New Year 2016. Happy New Year

The clock is ticking. Hurry up and reserve a New Year cruise at V’Spirit where you will feel closer to home more than ever. Last but not least, a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from V’Spirit Team.

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