Located approximately 18 km from Cat Ba island, the small village named Viet Hai is in the midst of jungles, covered by high mountains. The village is situated in the heart of Cat Ba National Park, which belongs to Cat Hai district of Hai Phong city. To reach the village, tourists will have to embark on an 8km trek passing the Ao Ech Lake. On this route, tourists will walk through the primary forest in the national park and then follow adventurous trails. If you are not fit enough for those sheer cliffs, deep gorges, and muddy ponds, choose a 45 minutes boat from Beo pier in Cat Ba Town to visit this village.

Just a few years ago, Viet Hai was almost isolated from the outside world due to its distant locality. More and more people realize its hidden beauty but the locals here still retain their “primitive” features as the ancient. There are around 80 houses that are simply made of bamboo, wood, leaves and soil. Just like their ancestors who had lived here for centuries, the villagers make a living by fishing, farming and breeding. As their sources of food and income come from nature, they still live with great harmony to nature.

The villagers are really hospitable, sincere and friendly. In fact, the village has almost no social crimes. It might be surprising to tourists that all of the houses in the village are open through the night and day. Even when the owner has to be out of town for days, there is no need for him to keep the door locked as no one would steal any belongings. The community here is also really strong. Whenever a family needs help, these others will be willing to be available and give out a hand. Also, they can even comfortably use others’ furniture, etc. That must sound nicely insane if you are already too used to your chaotic big city life. f every other. Viet Hai is nearly clean with all kinds of social evils.

Despite being one of the poorest communes in Cat Hai district, Viet Hai is a land of joy and happiness. People here seem satisfied with their lives which are poor in materials but rich in gratitude. Their sincerity, kindness and optimism are what attract more and more international tourists.

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