Referring to Cat Ba, anyone can relate to the familiar tours of the town, Cat Ba National Park, Monkey Island … However, few people doubt, Cat Ba is even more exciting when you now Can choose for yourself a new journey and destination with a lot of fun activities in the fishing village – Tra Bau.

Tra Bau is located on Lan Ha Bay south of Ha Long Bay in Cat Ba Island, Hai Phong. Other busy and exciting areas with tourism activities in Ha Long Bay, Lan Ha Bay still preserve the pristine beauty with many beautiful places are less known and discovered that Tra Bau is a examples.

Just one day you can have a very enjoyable experience in the fishing village of Tra Bau as a real fisherman with fishing activities and then manually processing your results in the way. traditional fishing boat, fishing, swimming, kayaking. Especially you will have the opportunity with your friends to take pictures super cool, super substance, no one and no one like to let your follewers fever, jealousy, play!

If joining our trip with V’Spirit Cruises, you will have chance to explore Tra Bau beach, get closer to the rocky islands and admire the stunning nature of the bay. You have chance to kayak pass by a hidden temple of the fishing villagers, then swimming and join some water activities.

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