Christmas is a civil holiday in many of the world’s nations.  It is now celebrated by an increasing number of non- Christians, and is an integral part of the Christmas and holiday seasons. As usual, on Christmas Day, family and relatives gather together and exchange the Christmas gifts, cards and enjoy the delicious food. This year, V’Spirit Cruises Team celebrated a special, different and memorable ceremony the valued passengers! Have you ever imagined celebrating this important event in a cave? V’Spirit Cruises would like to welcome you at Drum Cave, Halong Bay to join the once- in- a lifetime experience. With the ideas of bringing Vietnamese culture to the special event of Western World, the theme this year is “Western in East”. After a day full of activities, our staffs transfer you from the big boat to the cave, and the candle light will lead you the place where tables are set- up, the traditional specialties of Vietnam are well- decorated and ready to be served; and our staffs are here to welcome you all of the time. Right when the passengers enjoy the delicious dinner and have enough energy, it is time starting the journey along Vietnam through the typical music and dance of each region and ethnic minorities: from the folk melodies with traditional musical instrument (the South of Vietnam) to the attractive dancing performance of the ethnic people celebrating for a good crop (in the Central Highland) and another performance with gentle and peace (from the North). Alternating with the performances, the passengers are also eager with a series of games like: How Snowman looks and it is very interesting that instead of using snow, another material is used but the Snowman looks great. Another game called “Which song is it?”, which makes all the passengers relax with the melodies but concentrates to find the name of the songs which seem to be familiar. Lastly, this is an important and the most wanted moment when the Santa Clause appeared with a lot of gifts for the winners from the games and lucky people. Looking at the wonderful smiles and the happiness on the passengers’ faces, V’Spirit Team feel so happy for the time we spent together. On the behalf of the Team, we wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and do hope to welcome you at the Christmas Day next year!

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