Following the successful activities on Halong Bay natural environment , art gallery & exhibition “Halong Bay In My Eyes 2014” is an social activity organized by coordination of V’Spirit CruisesForeign Trade University and University of Nantes (University De Nantes) in order to help Halong tourists as well as the local people realize actual state of the bay like environmental pollution and its impact to the daily life of regional resident. Art Gallery & Exhibition “Halong Bay in My Eyes 2014” will be held on 16th April. All the paintings are drawn by elementary children in Van Gia fishing village. The organizers will select 30 of best paintings that are close to the reality and the best conveyance of the message to the viewer for display at exhibitions. There will be volunteers introduce the overview of the painting content, which aims to help visitors and viewers for a deeper understanding . Thereby, we also hope to change minds and attitudes of people, to raise the environmental protection awareness in Halong Bay. “Polluted environment” painting exhibition will be displayed at Halong’s famous Soi Sim beach to attract the attention of domestic and international tourist, Halong residents along the interest of organizations and social media .

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